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hard tied reviewed

THOSE of a nervous disposition should click away now as we take a long hard look at the review of Hard Tied one of the most extreme alt porn sites out there.

Not for the feint hearted this BDSM site is about as extreme as it gets and so good is it’s incredible content one of the toughest porn review sites on the planet – – score it a huge (for them) 90.3 points out of a possible 100.

So what makes this a prince amongst porn sites you might ask. The hard hitting review team at Porn Tips say:

“If it’s original BDSM content you’re looking for it would be hard to go wrong with Hard Tied.”

And trust me for Porn Tips and the team of not easily flattered reviewers – that’s high praise indeed. If this kind of porn interests you I’m assured you can expect plenty of bondage – rope play and gorgeous babes cumming hard.

As to my preferred porn review site, it’s a little gem I found a while ago. I like its clean fresh look that fits perfectly with its no nonsense approach to reviewing all manner of porn sites. From amateur to handjobs – trannys to gay – and porn stars, babes and MILF porn it’s all there and all reviewed with eye for detail. Nothing it seems gets past these hardcore reviewers eagle eyes and some of the biggest names in porn have fallen foul of their critical gaze.

The reviews are superbly and concisely written with all the key facts picked out for easier reading. There’s a cool graph score feature and a pros and cons box to further help make your mind up if the xxx site in question is worthy of your cash to join.

And with exclusive and generous discounts to some of the best known names in the world of porno – I recommend visiting Porn Tips often and bookmarking for sure.



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