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farrah abraham sex tape

PARTY girl and former star of the MTV hot show Teen Mom Farrah Abraham has confirmed she has indeed made a sizzling hot sex tape.

And in true Hollywood style this celebrity sex tape wont be grainy images – shit sound and poor quality – instead the star not only had the porn video professionally made – she made damn sure she’d get the best fuck possible by bringing in male porn star James Deen – a well known ‘cock for hire’.

If all that sounds contrived then you’d be right. It would seem the idea originally was that Farrahs sex tape was to be made for posterity and something she could add to her ‘sex scrapbook‘ to play in her old age to remember the good times!!!

However like all things Hollywood – there’s a twist to the tale and after spilling more than just his cum over the dirty deed James Deen has bragged to the press of his conquest. Farrah Abraham is said to be ‘pissed’ at the fuck and tell merchant but that hasn’t stopped her entering talks with a major porn company to see the once private video released for her fans to wank over. And at a cool $2million one has to ask will the Farrah Abraham sex tape be worth watching..?

One look at the photos currently on the net suggests to me this chick likes to fuck. Seeing her kissing another hot chick in just their lingerie at what looks like a wild night of booze and lesbian sex suggests to this old babe blogger that this star likes to bang and bang hard!!! So I for one will most definitely be watching as soon as I can get my sticky hands on it!

If you too really want to see Farrah Abraham fucking then I suggest you bookmark my good friends blog – he has followed the breaking sex story from day one and assures the world he’ll be first with Farrahs sex tape – so get over there and bookmark now!!!

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