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Sex dolls are exciting. Not only are they a great option to have when you feel like satiating your sexual desires, but they also enable you to know the workings of the female anatomy.

One place we all like to spend our time inside is the vagina of the female sex doll. If it’s your first-time contemplating buying a teenage sex doll, you might be thinking: how does the vagina of a female sex doll feel like?

If anything, a lot of meticulous engineering and manufacturing goes into ensuring that the sex doll’s vagina feels like a real vagina. Here’s what to expect and the different vaginas you can consider for your sex doll.

Fixed Sex Doll Vagina

As the name dictates, this vagina is built with ridges that are spiral in shape to accommodate the shaft of your penis, especially if you are packing a big bit of hardware down below. This is no doubt one of the best vaginas for big booty sex dolls and you might lose yourself sampling all the intricate pleasures that this particular sex doll brings!

Indeed, a fixed vagina can feel quite natural and most sex doll enthusiasts have admitted preferring this vagina to other options.

Replaceable Sex Doll Vaginas

Most vaginas of this nature are manufactured from TPE material and can have quite a realistic feel to them. The vagina is shaped into a 7’ inch barrel that will tightly secure itself around your penis to give you a heavenly feel.

The outer construction is made smoother to ensure that you can easily insert and remove your penis without breaking a sweat.
Replaceable vaginas have a wide range of construction to give different pleasure sensations which can be altered depending on your preference.

These particular vaginas are constructed from an extremely soft material meaning that you can penetrate and enjoy the sex instantly.

Selecting Between A Replaceable And Fixed Vagina

One of the main reasons for considering a replaceable vagina is that you can remove it whenever you want to clean it to improve the hygiene of the doll. This will keep your sex doll in mint condition.

In terms of appearance, both replaceable and fixed vaginas have a similar look to them. Nevertheless, your ideal option depends on what you are looking for in the doll. Both vagina options are pleasurable, and you can take the time to ponder on each option before buying the sex doll at

We are sure you will not be disappointed though because each option is designed to make your sexual experience pleasurable!

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